"What an awesome experience from beginning to end! Great communication and efficient and effective approach with no time loss whatsoever. Highly recommended! "

− Ed Benack

"In short Greg has helped me to stay in this country. He took one of difficult cases and won it for me. Now I can keep extending my H1-B until my priority date becomes current. It is like a dream come true for me, when all hopes were down regarding my GC processing, Greg kept calm and with his knowledge in immigration laws he guided my case to success. I truly thank Greg and his team for such a wonderful service and professionalism shown."

− Gopalakrishnan Thevaraj

"Gregory Romanovsky is a professional in his field. I sensed the knowledge, experience and care as soon as I was on the phone with him for the first time. He handles the case very diligently. Greg always kept me informed, and was always available when I called or emailed him. Not only did he do his best, but he literally performed a miracle in handling my case, especially since we had a deadline in two weeks. I'm very thankful since he did an amazing job in winning a very hard case for me . I cannot thank him enough. He will do all his best to win your case, I highly recommend him!! Hopefully I won't be seeking any legal help soon, but I know who I will be contacting first. I will certainly recommend him to my friends in need of immigration lawyer. "

− Banu Kushkimbayeva

"Highly recommended and extremely responsible people to work with! Top level professionals with very easy going technique! Fastest P3 visa ever! Guys you are the best in business, Thank You Very Much! "

− Aleks Zilcov

"Gregory Romanovsky and Livia Lungulescu provided us with exceptionally great service in helping me get my green card. Their service is really professional and very quick since I got my green card within 2.5 months!! Greg is a very experienced attorney and helped me in answering any and all questions that I had. Livia is very thorough and detailed with all paperwork. I would happily recommend their service to anyone who wants immigration services."

− Tanya Ahuja

"Greg helped me with a difficult case of obtaining the green card. He was very good at advising me and my husband at how to prepare for the case. It was a laborious process, but we were successful and kept our family together. Him and his assistant were always there to answer questions and guide us through the process. He was confident, honest and presented us with realistic expectations. Thank you! "

− Gleisiany Mihoc

"My husband and I had used Gregory's services to help us file my Green Card application. He and his associate Livia were extremely knowledgeable and attentive to every detail. What's more important, they've provided us with the necessary moral and personal support during this (somewhat stressful) process and made sure we were informed, prepared and comfortable at all times. We would like to extend our thanks to Gregory and Livia and would wholeheartedly recommend them."

− Ilana Tal

"Gregory Romanovsky helped my husband to get a green card through marriage. The whole process took just under 3 months! I would like to stress that Gregory is a great professional in his field. He had explained all the details and requirements upfront, and guided us through the process in a very ethical and professional manner. He and his associate Livia Lungulescu would always reach out to us with every status update. All in all we had a great experience working with Gregory and Livia, and would highly recommend Romanovsky Law! "

− Yelena Spivak

"Many of my friends and I came to the USA on J-1 and/or H-1 visas and we all worked with lawyers when applying for a green card. In the past, this had been a very unpleasant experience for me. My lawyer had been very friendly in person, but after the agreement was signed, it would take weeks to get a reply to my calls or e-mails. My case took a couple of years... Recently, I supported my close relative's application for a green-card, and this time we worked with Romanovsky Law office. Gregory Romanovsky and his associate Livia Lungulescu worked on our case, and I was very impressed. They were organized, efficient, and extremely professional. Everything was done on time. Gregory explained in detail every step of the process and what documents and paperwork that particular step required. Any time we had a question, it was promptly answered. Livia came with us to the interview. From start to a successful finish, the case took only 3 months! We are very thankful to both Gregory and Livia at Romanovsky Law office and highly recommend them to our friends and to anyone else who needs assistance with any immigration questions. "


"It is really responsible person and very helpful in all kind of situations. Go check and you will be happy "

− Tatiana

"Since the first days of working with Gregory Romanovsky, we realized that we made no mistake with the choice of a lawyer. Confident in his work, honest and attentive, he clearly and promptly did his job, not giving us a reason to worry and doubt his professionalism. The result - my husband and I now enjoy the permanent resident status after having the Withholding of removal status. If you still have any doubt in the choice of a lawyer, then trust me - Gregory Romanovsky will not fail; it is safe to entrust your fate to him."

− Nina Tsesareva

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you Gregory and Livia This has been an unbelievably stressful turn of events for me and my husband. We have found strength in the confidence that you have instilled in us that we would be successful in the end. You never promise that you’ll do it, but we were sure that you’ll accomplish it. Your hard work and professionalism have given us this success. We thank you from the bottom of out hearts. Your knowledge of immigration law and procedure, along with experience, drive, determination, attention to details, your understanding and compassion and calming competence made a positive experience. You always made it very clear and easy to understand what you needed from us, for when and why. You answer every question timely manner with patience and compassion. Never once did I feel overlooked or if my case did not matter. My unique and exceptional case was no deterrent to this highly professional and skilled lawyers like you. Not only did you research into my case and circumstances but dealt with humanitarian and sensitive way also. I am deeply grateful to your achievement in gaining successful conclusion to me becoming a permanent legal resident of US. Thank you again for helping me live a normal and happy life and of course to continue friendship with our two very special friends whom we hope to see so much more in the future. Thank you. "

− Ilaria and Aleksey.

"Romanovsky Law is a very experienced and highly effective law office conveniently located by the government center. We were utmostly pleased with their proffessional style & the ease they helped us with our case. They delivered the results they promised & acted quickly on any changes rising with our case. We recommend this office to anyone, who is overwhelmed with the legal paper work of immigration ( that is everyone) "

− Romanovsky Law Client

"I would like to thank Gregory for all his help with my green card application. Prior to starting the application process I presumptuously thought that I would rather do all the paperwork and prepare all the documents myself, but very soon I realized that letting a professional do it for me would be a much better idea. Even though all the USCIS forms have explicit instructions - there were still a lot of sticky points which made me realize that one wrong answer or one missing paper can easily lead to the rejection of my case, which is not what I wanted AT ALL. With Gregory's help (and his assistant Livia was extremely helpful, too), the whole process took me just 4 months and it was so smooth and stress-free - it's hard to imagine that some people run into problems and stress out along the way. Aside from the excellent legal services I'd like to mention that Mr. Romanovsky is a very nice person who will also make you laugh! I already recommended his services to my friends and I can be sure that with his help they will be my new neighbors here in Boston fairly soon "

− Marina Kovalenko

"My call to Romanovsky Law was my last resort. I was on student visa with no more money left to pay tuition after 8 years in the US. While other lawyers told me I needed to finish my degree to get an H1b Gregory took my case, got me an equivalent degree which was enough to get approved for H1b. He was straightforward, hard on my employer and very resourceful. I am looking forward to working with him on my Green Card Application. "

− Agutafy Tafy

"I very appreciate that Gregory Romanovsky helped my wife and me. We had tough problem with our Green Cards. During 12 months our previous lawyer could not get even receipts for our applications. We asked Gregory if he can help us. With his magic touch our I-485 applications were approved in less than 4 months, and we received our plastic Green Cards 6 days after that! I wish Gregory more people he can help as well as he greatly helped our family "

− Alexey Tyurin

"From the minute we were researching the right immigration lawyer for us to the follow up once we were approve for my Green Card, Gregory and his Associates were reassuring, helpful and thorough. We know we made the right decision in choosing Romanovsky Law for this important process. Thank you! "

− Luis Carlos Ramirez

"My husband and I would like to pass many thanks to Gregory Romanovsky for his help with our case. Gregory is extremely knowlegeble and dedicated professional. He made the whole proccess smooth and easy for us. I think that in immigration matters it is very important to know that you can trust and rely on your attorney. That was the case with Gregory because we felt that he is going to be there for us at all times. If anybody ever needs professional help with immigration Gregory is the person we would recommend without hasitation. Thank you so very much!!! "

− Marina Avsejkova

"The fact that I'm typing this review with my left hand while my right one is still recovering from a surgery probably speaks for itself. I highly recommend Romanovsky Law office as working with them was fast, pleasant and very successful - I got my green card in the mailbox in less than 2 months since my documents have been submitted to USCIS. Yes, it is always a gamble with USCIS, but even if my case was denied I would still say that both Gregory Romanovsky and Livia Lungulescu, his assistant, are great professionals. Most of the times I was getting replies from them the same day, so I never felt ignored, denied or forgotten. If Gregory needed more time to finish certain step in the process, I was always informed about it too and never had to push him. The longest part in the whole story was to draft letters of recommendations and get them all signed, which will be mostly your responsibility, yet you will get helped and guided here too, and as soon as Gregory has these in hands, you do not have to worry about the brief and quick submission. It is remarkably different from some stories I've heard. Overall, I would definitely come back to this office if (God forbids) I have a case in the future and have already recommended Gregory Romanovsky to my 2 good friends."

− Natalia

"Gregory was assisting us with our political asylum case. He was extremely reliable, knowledgeable, helpful and professional. Communication part was excellent as well: all phone calls, emails were responded immediately and meetings were always on time. From the first day we knew that we are in good hands and can totally rely on him. His fees were reasonable with no hidden charges. We would highly recommend Gregory to ANY immigration cases. You will not regret."

− Valery

"I would recommend Gregory legal services any time.I immediately realized that I was working with the very knowledgeable immigration lawyer and competent professional.He took the time to understand and constructed a strong case for my permanent resident visa.He is lawyer who can handle a rather complicated immigration case. He reviewed and revised my documents in real-time and provided me with feedback always in no more than a few hours, so much so I felt as if he was working exclusively on my case. A professional who would go an extra mile to get the best possible outcome for his client.I was always impressed by his diligence,thorough professional work, his crisp and always appropriate comments, his deep knowledge of immigration law. Was this diligent,thorough approach effective?The results speaks for themselves. I received my GREEN CARD.
An exraordinary lawyer in my humble opinion and above all a Gentleman!
I would rate his legal services is most outstanding. I'm sure I could't have this done with out him.
THANK YOU,Greg for admirable job and generous spirit.THANK YOU!!! "

− Ilariya

"Greg is the person I would recommend for all of my family, friends who need the real immigration attorney. Greg did not only help me with my immigration paperwork but he also is my one stop all problem solving when it come to the legal advice, please dont take advantage of him as I did. Greg has great personality, he always responses to my need immediately, and it is very pleasure to work with him."

− Gigi

"Attorney Romanovsky has helped me with a few different immigration issues in the last 5 years. I've been more than happy with his professionalism and experience. His recommendations have always proved to be the best way to go. I don't know how much more stress I would have had to go through with my citizenship issue if I hadn't asked for attorney Romanovsky's legal help.
Another thing that I appreciate a lot is that he responds to email questions somewhere between a few minutes to a few hours. Keeps you informed on upcoming events right away, takes his time to explain things in detail and goes over all possible scenarios. Intelligent, well-mannered, friendly - a true professional. I would highly recommend him if you have any immigration concerns - he will lead you the shortest path to your goal."

− Olga

"An overall great experience which is not easy to find with attorneys nowadays. He made you feel at ease explaining the legal process and was there for every question and concern and was very punctual with the filings and case status updates. I highly recommend him."

− Elda I.

"That is my review of Gregory Romanovsky as an immigration lawyer:
- High professional level and competence - you get really great advice which is the most profitable for you
- Very friendly - you do not feel difficulty to explain your problems and ask a lot of questions
- Can predict what can happen - now you know your options and what to expect
- Very helpful - you do not feel alone with your problems
- Highly responsive - you get needed answer very fast
- Explain in details any problems and possible ways to resolve them - your problem is not a puzzle anymore, and you know what to do now
- Does not promise what he cannot do - you can be sure if he does work for you, he will really accomplish it
Gregory Romanovsky is a great professional one likes to work with.
I deeply appreciate that he helped my wife and me.
I had very big problem with Green Card applications for my wife and me.
But I was lucky that our neighbor gave my wife business card of Gregory Romanovsky.
He helped our neighbor to resolve their difficult immigration problem.
I had several consultations with Gregory Romanovsky and he helped me to solve our problem too."

− Alexey T.

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